Monday, 25 June 2012

isupport - special rights for special children


According to survey conducted by UNICEF, as on 2011, there are close to 30 Million orphaned/abandoned children in India. Out of which barely 10% of them are taken care by various orphanages & NGOs across the country.

Root Cause:

Economic deprivation, lack of social security / protection and exploitation are the root causes. The children we see on the streets are not there to make money for themselves. In fact, they are forced to be there to make money for someone else. It is still happening because we have failed to protect these children.

Majority of these children belong to orphaned / abandoned class who have no one to protect them from being exploited, secure their present, secure their future, guarantee their education, interests etc.

What has the country overlooked / ignored?

Economical protection in terms of the poor are based on reservation system in India. Unfortunately, it is classified on the basis of caste & religion primarily. Since orphaned / abandoned children are termed caste less / religion less, we have ignored them in the quantum of beneficiaries.

The solution:

The solution either lies within the frame work of the reservation system or entirely within creating a new protection system that guarantees social security at par with the reservation system.

Hence we ask the government to either create a special reservation for these 30 Million children or create a centralized protection policy that guarantees support for each and every orphaned / abandoned child.

What have we done?

"I Support" made a detailed report and has taken this issue to the notice of the following ministries. See the report @

Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Ministry of Law and Justice, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances, National Human Rights Commission, National Commission For Protection Of Children Rights.

No Surprises..! None of the departments have replied.

We are also filing a "Public Interest Litigation" in the High court of Karnataka

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